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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A wonderful Mitzvah idea.. from Jourdan

Nothing is worse to me than seeing a lot of wonderful food go to waste, and at many parties over-generous caterers make a lot of extra that doesn't get eaten. Their insurance sometimes won't let them donate food, but nothing is stopping you, the host, from donating it. Ask your caterer or planner if they can donate, and if they can't, be ready with the name of a food bank, shelter or other group that takes donations of prepared food, and the phone number of the volunteer who will pick it up, or designate a good-hearted party guest to be responsible. Then ask that leftovers be packaged up to go.(You can even be ready with a few big disposable catering pans that are stashed in the car.)
In Los Angeles the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition takes all kinds of leftover food, even Wedding and Bar Mitzvah cakes, and serves it to hungry people on the street in Los Angeles. Half-carved turkeys and prime ribs become hearty soups and casseroles for the needy. It's a Mitzvah!
The Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition can be reached at (323) 462-7055.You can call them in advance to be ready for a pick up.

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